Who We Are

We do jaw surgery. Jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, is a set of surgical procedures used to improve the lives of our patients. Jaw surgery allows people to chew better, breath better, speak better, feel better, and even look better. We are the jaw surgery experts of the Pacific Northwest. We shy away from no complex situation and are honest with ourselves, each other, and our patients.


To provide world-class, individualized, efficient, and safe surgical care to all patients. We strive to be leaders in improving outcomes, innovating surgical techniques, and improving transparency.   All of our activities are to create the best possible outcomes for our patients.  Our mission is to be a place where excellence is practiced and shared with others.

Who we are

 In 2014, Dr. Bobek started Swedish maxillofacial surgery within the Swedish medical group.  During this time, he cemented himself as a regional expert in orthognathic and TMJ surgery.  This unique experience has given him unparalleled proficiency.  He was happy to continue providing care at Swedish Hospital and was able to bring with him people familiar to his patients. By starting Seattle Jaw Surgery, Dr. Bobek continued his goal to provide the best orthognathic surgery possible.

We use latest digital techniques, patient-specific surgical plans, and enhanced recovery protocols.

Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery helps improve chewing, breathing and facial balance. We customize the plan and surgery to your needs.
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Invisalign Jaw Surgery

Contemporary jaw surgery does not always require traditional braces. Doing surgery with invisalign can be a good option for many.
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TMJ Replacement

If you have severe pain and dysfunction in your jaw joints, replacement utilizing customized devices can help.
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