Full Upper or Lower Arch

Do you need to replace an entire row of teeth? In many cases our doctors at Seattle Jaw Surgery can replace an entire row of teeth in one surgical appointment. There are several ways to replace your teeth and each situation is different. Some options allow for a removable denture that is held more tightly in place by dental implants. Other options allow for a denture that is permanently fixed to the dental implants and can be removed for cleaning by a dental professional. Learning about the best option for your individual case starts with a consultation appointment with one of our doctors at Seattle Jaw Surgery. Once a method for replacement of your teeth is established, we will obtain a CT scan of your dental arches and a digital impression of your teeth. This data is used to plan for and make your new dentures. After the planning phase you are ready for surgery. Often your teeth can be removed, implants placed, and a temporary set of dentures inserted all in the same appointment.

What are my options for replacing a full arch of teeth?

It is important to realize that the following options will not work for all patients.  Each treatment plan is custom tailored to the specific situation.  With that in mind the general categories for full arch replacement are as follows.

  1. Single implants for each tooth
    There are some advantages to this option.  With implants for every tooth there is good implant stability and preservation of your bone.  In select situations this option may be used.  The disadvantages include increased surgical time and increased cost.  For most cases, another option will provide a very good restoration at a reduced cost.

  2. Removable implant overdenture
    For this option, most commonly two or four implants are placed in each arch that is to be replaced.  A denture is then made with special attachments that allow it to snap in and out of the implants.  The denture is removable much like a standard denture, the implants help to provide additional retention and stability.

  3. All on four fixed complete denture
    The all on four procedure, also know as teeth in a day is an excellent option for full arch replacement for many patients.   This procedure most commonly involves the placement of four implants, however there are situations where more implants are required.  Often a temporary denture can be secured to the implants on the day of your procedure resulting in new teeth in a single day.  The denture is held to the implants using screws and can be removed by your dentist from time to time for cleaning.

Replacing teeth with implants and dentures is possible for many patients. Implants can be placed on an angle permitting use even in patients with significant bone loss. This also minimizes the need for bone grafting. If you would like to explore your options, contact our office for a consultation with one of our doctors.

The specifics of what to expect with be discussed at the consult appointment. Often sedation is used during the surgery. If this is the case, you will have to refrain from eating or drinking after midnight the night before your procedure. The duration of the surgery varies from about one hour to a few hours.

Yes. You will be on a soft diet for several weeks after surgery. It is also very important to keep the surgical area clean. You will be prescribed medications. These medications vary but often antibiotics and pain medication are prescribed. Your doctor will go over the specific instructions for medications on the day of surgery. Any questions that you may have will also be answered on the day of your surgery.