Tooth Extractions

Our goal is always to preserve teeth but there are circumstances where it is just not possible to save a tooth.  If you need to have a tooth or multiple teeth removed, our doctors will guide you through the process in the most comfortable way possible.  We will work with your restorative dentist to formulate the best plan to replace the newly missing tooth (see here for more on implants).  Ever situation is different, and your tailored treatment plan will be discussed at the consultation appointment. 

The removal of your tooth or teeth may be done with local anesthesia, much like you would expect during a filling or under sedation. The type of anesthesia used will be discussed during your consultation appointment.  Our primary concern is for your safety and to make the procedure and comfortable as possible.  Once the teeth are removed gauze will be placed in your mouth to apply pressure at the surgical site.  Depending on the situation, your gums may be closed with a stitch.  

If local anesthesia was used for your extraction, then you are able to drive yourself home right away. However, if you are sedated for the surgery, you will need a responsible driver to take you home.

Yes. It is strongly recommended that you:

  • Avoid sucking through a straw for the first several days after extraction
  • Keep the extraction site clean and free of debris for the first couple of weeks after extraction
  • Take all medications exactly as prescribed by your surgeon
  • Notify your surgeon if you experience fever or discomfort that worsens after a few days